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    Every Monday and Tuesday in term time
    Urban Village holds Pounded. Premium
    drinks at house prices.

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  • 050_13-10-15_URB_RKP

    Every Thursday night in term bomb
    prices go down as low as £1.50


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    Every Saturday of term,
    between 7pm and 10pm is happy hour.
    Drinks as low as 99p

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Wall of Fame

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*Limited* No Membership necessary!

For a limited time (until september 2014) Urban VIllage is open to anybody and everybody. If you are dressed the part and out to party we are the number one nightlife entertainment venue in the area. 029_13-10-15_URB_RKP

  • For a limited time Urban Village is open for anybody and everybody. Memberships are not necessary until the start... http://t.co/GUd3Cxf5HS